Muscular Dystrophy Association Camps

Between 2010 and 2013, the Walter Johnson Fashion Club supported the Chicago-area MDA camp where Stone

volunteered -- and a Washington-area camp, as well.  We have sent

many campers to these summer camps from 2010 through 2016. We have also sponsored Giant Cupcake Days and other fun. The MDA camps created The Stone Weeks Rock Star Award in honor of Stone and to recognize outstanding commitment among counselors.

To Read More:  Giant Cupcake Days at MDA Camps


Inova Blood Donor Services

Holt led Walter Johnson High School’s blood drive during his

senior year.  By making it fun and the coolest place to be,

Holt doubled student participation from the previous year.  To carry on this work we have sponsored Halloween Blood Drives which have helped save well over 300 patients.  We have teamed with Sandi Bourget of Inova, who worked with Holt and remembers well his exuberance.  We are joining with Inova Blood Donor Services to create an award to encourage more blood donations in Washington, DC area high schools.

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Video:  Halloween Blood Drive - 2011

Video:  Halloween Blood Drive - 2012

Photographs:  Halloween Blood Drive - 2013

Photographs:  Halloween Blood Drive - 2014


Theta Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, at American University in Washington

held a Wheelchair Basketball Game to benefit Push America

and the Wounded Warrior Project between 2011 and 2014.  During halftime they have presented a volunteer award, named in honor of Stone and Holt, to a Washington area Pi Kappa Phi brother.

To See More:  AU Wheelchair Basketball Game, 2011

AU Wheelchair Basketball Game Halftime, 2012

AU Wheelchair Basketball Game Halftime, 2013

AU Wheelchair Basketball Game Halftime, 2014


World Wildlife Fund

The Art for New Collectors Exhibit sponsored by friends and hosted by

The Washington School of Photography benefited our Foundation. 

We granted all of the proceeds, plus an additional grant, to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization that Stone belonged to and believed in

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The Water Ministry

As they were growing up, Holt and Stone came to know and care about the homeless people in Washington, DC, through St. Columba's Episcopal Church.  The Foundation supports The Water Ministry, St. Columba's lunch, laundry, and shower service for people without homes. 


Audubon Naturalist Society

When they were young, Stone and Holt loved the programs, classes, and camps of this environmental education institution.  The Foundation works with Audubon Naturalist Society's Woodend Sanctuary in Maryland, to sponsor Spring and Fall nature field trips for public school children in Washington, DC. In July 2012, The Foundation sponsored another We Kare-eoke *with the live Harikaraoke Band* at U Street Music Hall to benefit The Stone and Holt Weeks Field Trip Scholarship Fund at Audubon Naturalist Society. Hundreds of children have participated in these environmental educational experiences.

To See More: Photographs: The Stone and Holt Weeks Nature Field Trips


The interPLAYcompany Orchestra

Both Holt and Stone shared an intense love of music, and always cared deeply about disabled and disadvantaged people.  The Foundation supports this Maryland - based musical opportunity for mentally disabled people by sponsoring participants in the interPLAY orchestra.

To See More:

interPLAY scholarship recipients


Flashgivings in 2012-2013

The Foundation has staged and documented four Flashgivings -- our own invention of using flashmobs for good causes.  We asked interPLAYcompany band at Strathmore Music Center to help us gather basic life supplies for a new orphanage in Nepal built by Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation, a friend of our Foundation.  We invited St. Andrew’s Episcopal lower and upper schools to help us collect much needed supplies for a new school in Haiti following the earthquake in 2010. And we participated with Frederick Rugby Club to donate food to the Frederick Community Food Bank

in Frederick, MD.
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Video:  Flashgiving for Nepal

Video:  Flashgiving for Haiti #2

Video:  Flashgiving:  A Flashmob for Good

Video:  Flashgiving for Haiti #1

Video:  Flashgiving for Frederick Foodbank

Video:  Flashgiving:  The Backstory


Schools and Universities

 In addition to the work of the Foundation, meaningful awards and memorials have been established at -- and by -- these educational institutions.

The William Holt Weeks Leadership Award 
at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Maryland.  
We have supported several other Scholarship Awards at WJ -- in memory of student Celine Silver, and teachers Karl Savage and Carolyn Berger-Ott.  
We have also donated to the Access2College Fund 
created to honor former principal Dr. Chris Garran.
A memorial space --  a boulder dedicated to Holt and memorial benches to Holt and Stone -- is at the entrance to the tennis courts.

The Stone Taylor Weeks Award for Excellence in the Study of History 
at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.  
Two memorial benches were dedicated to Stone and to Holt 
at the front of the school.

A memorial bench to Stone and Holt  was established in the garden

at the entrance to The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas.


A memorial bench for Stone sits under a memorial oak tree

for Stone and Holt on the University of Delaware campus,

at Old College on Main Street in Newark, Delaware.


Eckerd College created a memorial boulder at the tennis courts to honor Holt,

The Holt Weeks Tennis Sportsmanship Award

and a water fountain with viewing benches dedicated to Holt and Stone in the center of the Bullard Tennis Courts complex on  Eckerd College campus

in St. Petersburg, Florida.


During their senior year 2010-2011, Holt’s friends at Eckerd College devoted

their Quest for Meaning class to working through The Foundation to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  They provided hours of service and organized campus fundraisers to raise awareness, volunteers and donations for this Foundation and ultimately, for Habitat for Humanity.

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On the evening of July 2, 2012, The Foundation sponsored another We Kare-eoke *with the live Harikaraoke Band* at U Street Music Hall -- to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC’s green building projects.

To See More:  We Kare-eoke *with the live Harikaraoke Band*

On the evening of June 30, 2013, Three Band Night, a concert featuring friends Watermelon, Cairo Fred, and Zach Falkow, was held at U Street Music Hall. All of the funds raised plus another grant was presented to Habitat for Humanity International to assist in rebuilding communities destroyed by recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas.

To See More:  Three Band Night

The Walter Johnson High School Fashion Club has chosen our Foundation to benefit from its creative, charitable fashion shows. In 2014 and 2015, the event benefitted Habitat for Humanity DC and Habitat for Humanity International to aid in rebuilding Nepal after their devastating earthquakes.

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WJ Fashion Show, 2015

WJ Fashion Show, 2016


Work So Far.... Continued

The Ability Experience

Stone was a founding father of the University of Delaware’s Theta Nu chapter of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. From 2010 through 2016, the chapter has staged We Kare-eokes *Delaware*. The event benefits The Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi’s national outreach project that serves the disabled, including veterans. The Foundation contributes additional funds on behalf of Theta Nu chapter -- and has contributed also on behalf of Theta Eta chapter

at American University (see below).

Theta Nu has established The Stone and Holt Weeks Humanitarian Award in memory and in honor of Stone and of Holt.

To See More:  We Kare-eoke *Delaware*