We Kare-eoke Washington III

A Report on the Evening


Hundreds of people attended the four-hour event at Union Jack’s in Bethesda on December 21.  Stone’s friends Pete Ward and Jill Collier and Holt’s friends Arin Damar and Marisa Martinez team-emceed the evening.  Again, singers of all ages, solos and groups of all sizes, sang their hearts out.  There was much love and support and tears.  And beautiful energy in the spirits of Stone and of Holt.

The event raised thousands and with funds added by the Foundation, more than $9000 in grants were issued to equally benefit the three organizations:  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Rebuilding Together of Washington DC and Environment America.

    Before the singing began, Jan and Linton spoke.

“ To all of you helping out tonight, and to all of you for coming out tonight -- Thank you all for being here -- to help keep alive the beautiful memories and the beautiful spirits of our beloved sons Stone and Holt -- and to do more good in honor of each of them.


We ask you to understand that for us life does not get easier. Things do not get better.

The catastrophic losses of both Holt and Stone, our aching and our longing for them -- is grief that is ongoing and inexpressible.  And we have no good options of how

to respond.  


We are holding them close and striving as hard as we can  -- to walk in this world for them, feeling them at our sides, their hands at our backs -- to try and carry out for them a few of their beautiful dreams. We are forever grateful for your loving support of this Foundation -- which helps us all do this.


And so we look at life differently from most people, we look at life differently from the way we did before Stone and Holt were killed 29 months ago.


We see moments as meaningful. Or meaningless. Tonight is meaningful to us. And to the countless people who will be helped through the work of LLS - researching blood cancer, Rebulding Together DC - providing better and more efficient housing for poor people in DC, and Environment America - protecting our land, water, and air.


Stone and Holt believed in the work of these -- and all the other groups that the Foundation is supporting. They believed in the neverending force of love. They believed in you all, their incredible friends. And in doing good and having fun.


Holt and Stone inspired us and many people in so many ways. We are here to act on their inspiration, to go out into this wild and random and cruel world and look for meaning and for love. And to make them happen.”

We especially continue to thank Susan Park and Caroline Lacey who contribute so much creative thinking and hard work to The Foundation.  And we thank the emcees, the volunteers and Union Jack’s -- all for their generosity. 

There were signs posted throughout Union Jack’s: 

Drink Responsibly.  Sing Irresponsibly. 

     Beautiful speeches were made by the organizations’ representatives.  Each of the three spoke about the meaningful, and creative memorial awards created to encourage more volunteerism and to honor Stone and Holt and the compassionate work that they did in their brief lives.  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has established The Holt Weeks Trailblazers Challenge trophy to encourage innovative fundraisers in Washington-area high schools.  Rebuilding Together rewards enthusiastic volunteerism in green building with The Green Hammer Award in Honor of Stone and Holt Weeks. And Environment America recognizes an outstanding recruiter with The Stone and Holt Weeks Recruiting Award.    

A deeply heartfelt thank you to all of the generous volunteers and sponsors who donated talents and prizes.