We Kare-eoke Washington II

A Report on the Evening


Hundreds of people attended the four-hour event at Union Jack’s in Bethesda on December 22.  Stone’s friends Sarah Taylor and John Skubel and Holt’s friends Ana Astiz and Nathan Barash team-emceed the evening.  Singers were of all ages -- solos and groups of all sizes.  There was much love and support.  And beautiful energy in the spirits of Stone and of Holt.  And there were tears.

The event raised several thousand dollars and with additional funds provided by the Foundation, we issued $5000 grants to each of the organizations we benefited:  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Rebuilding Together of Washington DC and Environment America.

    Before the singing began, Micah Wiggins of Walter Johnson High School, a former teacher of Holt’s, spoke beautifully about carrying on in the spirits of Holt and Stone -- doing good, having fun, caring about and engaging in community.

     And Jan spoke next, “We want you all to know how grateful we are -- for your being here tonight and for your continued loving support.  For many reasons Linton and I do not want to give anyone the wrong idea -- that this is easy for us -- or for any bereaved parents.  We are two completely devastated parents mourning our only two treasures in this world -- Stone and Holt.  Most of you know how very vibrant and alive, how in love with life, how very compassionate, caring, and creative, Stone and Holt each were.  And they made Everything.... So - Much - Fun - for - Everybody. 

Then at the same cruelest, most senseless moment, they were ripped away from this world.  Far, far too soon.  And we are left here to respond. 

And we don’t have that many options.  We are finding that the only response, the only answer, the only way -- to try and stay and to stanch some of the horror, the madness, and the pain is with Love.  With all our Love, we are trying to stay on and to carry on in this world -- for them and with them in their spirits and on their behalfs.  To do a little of the multitude of good that they would be doing.  And to honor the beautiful lives they lived in their too short time here.”

Then Linton said, “Stone and Holt were each so charismatic.  By their enthusiastic examples, they encouraged every one of us to engage beyond ourselves.  In their names, The Foundation is trying to do as they would do -- forging relationships -- with organizations like LLS, Rebuilding Together, and Environment America -- to support the world-changing work that these groups do, and also to inspire more caring activism -- as Stone and Holt would be doing.  With Environment America we are rewarding individuals, with LLS we are rewarding entire high schools, and with Rebuilding Together we are rewarding whole organizations.”

We especially thanked Susan Park and Caroline Lacey who contribute so much creative thinking and hard work to The Foundation.  And we thanked the emcees, the volunteers and Union Jack’s -- all for their generosity. 

Linton closed by saying, “We are so grateful to all of you for your support and for being here.  Please know that you are helping us to carry out a few of Stone’s and Holt’s dreams -- of making the world a better place for all.

Lastly please do good, and have fun. 

Eat and Drink Responsibly.  But Sing Irresponsibly. 

     Beautiful speeches were made by the organizations’ representatives.  Each of the three spoke about the meaningful, and creative memorial awards that honor Stone and Holt and the work that they did in their brief lives.  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has established The Holt Weeks Trailblazers Challenge trophy to encourage innovative fundraisers in Washington-area high schools.  Rebuilding Together rewards enthusiastic volunteerism in green building with The Green Hammer Award in Honor of Stone and Holt Weeks. And Environment America recognizes an outstanding recruiter with The Stone and Holt Weeks Recruiting Award.


You can read more about the awards in last years report.    

We want to thank all of the generous volunteers and sponsors who donated talents, and prizes.