Tilden Woods House Tour

A Report on the Day


"Thanks to everyone for the successful Tilden Woods House Tour May 2,"

our friend and neighbor Marta Vogel wrote on the neighborhood

listserv. "It was good to see the interesting additions and

modifications our neighbors had made, as well as raising money for The

Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation."

The neighborhood gathered together and raised over $800 for the Foundation.

We are grateful to our friends and neighbors for this event.

Especially thank you to Marta and her husband, Eliot Applestein, who

first proposed and then organized the event and to everyone else who

opened their houses, including Wayne and Stephanie Firestone; David

and Madeline Pellish;  Emily and Dan Mintz; Marie Baker and Mike

Nugent; Sabrina Rufty and Mark Lawyer;  Steven & Adriana Pavletic; Ed

and  Andrea Kennedy;  George and Lynn Cruser and 

Alexander and Miriam Livnat.

We will use the money to make a $1000 grant to Habitat for Humanity,

an organization that both Stone and Holt volunteered for -- Stone in

Tennessee and Holt in Mexico.